Big Fat Molly Cat Kitty Litter Cam

Tweeting litter box webcam

About Big Fat Molly Cat

The Story
A house with 4 cats is constant work and near 24/7 insanity. Tired of the craziness, we thought the cats should start working for us. So with an old webcam and a little scripting action, they now provide a little entertainment value for us and the internet at large.

How It Works
Whenever the camera detects motion, it automatically starts recording and then uploads the video to the website. A message is also posted to Twitter each time a new video is uploaded to the site. You can learn more about the technical side of things.

About the 4 Cats
The 4 cats include Casey, Tabby, Ollie and of course, Molly. Casey is a 2 year old short haired gray cat rescued as a stray from our neighborhood. Tabby is a one-time stray from Baltimore. She’s a 17 year old tabby cat. Oliver is 8 years old, adopted after being abandoned in an apartment. Molly, a long haired, large feline, was dropped off and left on the side of the road by her former owner.

All 4 cats are now well fed with entirely too much free run of the place.